Playgroups for Dogs Training

Dog Playgroups Save Lives – Bound Angels University

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Undoubtedly, one of the most important things to help dogs in shelters is playgroups.  At Bound Angels University we encompass the dog playgroup training into our university program and spend our third day on teaching and handling all sizes, breeds and types of dogs in playgroups. Dogs need to be social in order to thrive in the world and one …

JD White of Nashville Animal Care and Control

Nashville Metro Animal Care and Control at Bound Angels University

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Nashville Animal Care and Control attending the Bound Angels University had a very special impact on me.  As I told in the first day of this session, Nashville is where all of this started for me.  I was living in Nashville for two years and would occasionally drop in to the shelter and drop off a bag of food at …

Bound Angels University is loved by all

Bound Angels University is loved by all

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You’d think that people would be exhausted after 24 hours of dog training, behavior lectures and playgroups.  Well, not the group at the first Bound Angels University training this last month. Steph Cooper from Brightside Animal Center in Oregon has trained with Bound Angels on numerous occasions and is a top behaviorist trainer who also runs Lead and Love Dog Rescue. …

Correct Them or Kill Them

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Correct them or Kill them. I’ve been a pretty outspoken advocate for shelter dogs, and all dogs in general for the last several years. I’ve also spent most of my time training and competing with dogs. To be clear, I deal with all types of dogs, not just the ones I choose, but also the ones that are chosen for …

Those that Kill but Won’t Correct

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There is a trend in dog training that is ever more popular, yet their vigilance ends up hurting many dogs.  This trend is the “positive only” movement. Last month I was in Prescott Arizona working with the humane society.  On my last day I was asked to work with a dog that was set to be put down for aggression. …

Flirt Poles in Shelters

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Although flirt poles or prey sticks have been around for many years, it seems that Flirt poles are the newest fad for exercising dogs.  It seems whenever something new comes along to “help dogs”; its main intention is to make the training of the dog easier for the human.  It is stated “exercising a dog on a flirt pole for …

Despite the Critics

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It seems lately, once again, the work of Bound Angels is drawing some criticism.  I was alerted of this situation a few weeks ago and have been handling it personally, but want to make you aware in case you hear of it from someone else. In any situation there will always be critics and this time the criticism is coming …

Shelters Need More People and Less Dogs

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I’ve worked with many shelters both here locally and across the US.  One thing that is lacking in all shelters is volunteers.  With the exception of a small humane society in northern Arizona, most shelters have a skeleton staff of volunteers that can be relied upon.  Most people want the glamour of saving dogs but don’t understand that it takes …