Selling Used Dogs

Selling Used Dogs CoverSelling Used Dogs was written by Robert Cabral and is a hands-on tool to help shelter workers, volunteers, and rescue organizations.

Each chapter explains creative concepts that help in getting animals adopted.  Sample chapters include:

• Rescues that Work with Shelters.

• A Picture is Worth…

• If It’s Good Enough for Hollywood.

• What’s in a Name?

• Shelter Angel Videos.

• Social Networking.

and many more.

Selling Used Dogs also includes Robert Cabral’s complete Behavioral Assessment & Reactivity Guide.  With complete step-by-step instructions for fair behavioral assessments of shelter dogs, this guide gives dogs a fair chance at structured behavioral evaluations and gives shelters a broad glimpse into the proper placement of a dog into a home.

Selling Used Dogs is available as a free digital download to any rescue group, shelter, or humane organization staff member or volunteer.  Simply click below and fill out the request and you’ll get your free copy instantly.

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What industry professionals are saying about the life-saving tools provided by Bound Angels:

The employees were very excited about the ideas you talked about, some of which they’ve spontaneously put into practice.  What really sealed it for my staff was when you “walked the talk” and was able to show that you knew how to handle difficult animals.  They were definitely impressed and want to work with you some more on improving their skills in that direction.

In Selling Used Dogs Robert Cabral reveals what it takes to bring out the best in dogs. Every shelter director should put into practice this easy-to-follow road map.

Your book has given us insight on what is “outside the box” that can be used to bridge the communication gap between dog and man, and its simple and has been there all along, it took you to bring it to the fore front, I forward all your writings to people having adopted my dogs and to rescue groups and recommend all your and training techniques. Nathan Winograd move over!!!

I wanted to let you know how important your book was to us and to our rescue.  We were lucky enough to receive your information before we did our very first adoption event.  For that, I will always be grateful.

You offered us a step by step plan for success, an “out of the box” path for successful adoptions.  We all know that shelters are filled with VERY adoptable dogs, you give us road map for helping as many of those great dogs have a second chance at life–through successful adoptions.

Thank you Robert for your work, your enthusiasm, and your support!

I’ve worked with many trainers over the past 30 years, from the famous to the ridiculous.  Robert is the real deal.  His methods transform unruly even dangerous shelter dogs into responsive companion animals.  For shelters looking for alternatives to killing dogs for behavioral reasons, I recommend Robert Cabral.

We have had great feedback from Bringing Home Your New Dog !!  Not only have the new dog owners found them useful, but our staff has learned a thing or two.

These handouts are the best I’ve seen and we are using them at our training events – great resource for people to read over and refer to after they’ve come to a class.

These adoption handouts are wonderful.  People love them, and for such a small publication, they have SO much helpful info.

The handouts have been very well received. The information is great and our adopters are very appreciative. Thank you.

The Bringing Home Your New Dog handout is an invaluable piece to support pet retention, humane education – hitting all the high spots you are so good at doing –