“As of 2022 we have decided, as a foundation, to sunset our 501(c)3 status.
We have dispersed our remaining funds to organizations that share our mission of saving shelter dogs.

We will no longer accept any donations.

Robert Cabral will continue to promote programs that help shelter dogs privately.

The Complete Bound Angels University Program is now available online at:
Shelter Dog Training

Thank you all for your many years of support, and please consider helping your local animal shelter!”

Bound Angels provided unique life saving services to shelters, humane societies and rescue organizations nationwide for over 12 years.
Proven logical solutions and life saving tools that help save the lives of a multitude of dogs who might otherwise not survive.

Bound Angels’ logical solutions and training tools have proven to be successful in large city shelter systems as well as in small humane societies.


I have worked with Robert and watched him transform shelter dogs for over five years.  I am pleased that we can join his efforts and collaborate to give shelters everywhere an opportunity to learn more about dogs and Robert’s life saving techniques.
Brenda Barnette
General Manager
LA Animal Services

I am currently a volunteer trainer for high risk dogs at Spokanimal C.A.R.E. animal shelter in Spokane, WA and I want to thank you for taking the time to write “Desperate Dogs”. This book needed to be written and I can only hope that shelters across the U.S. will make this required reading for ALL employees and volunteers. You have brought to forefront the most important message…that we are doing what we do to save lives. I hope by using your principals and guidelines I can continue saving lives one dog at a time.
Again, thank you so much.

Julie Hipp
Volunteer A-list trainer, Spokanimal C.A.R.E.

Desperate Dogs Determined Measures lays down specific techniques that I believe will get even some of our most difficult dogs adopted more easily. Your expertise in dog behavior and training was helpful throughout the book and has something for everyone….. It will be very easy to pull information out of your book and in-service the staff on some basic techniques that will be very easy to integrate…. By implementing your concepts, I feel that shelters can really make a difference and save more lives.

Dawn Johnson
MS, RD Executive Director Humane Society of Genesee County

I haven’t actually read the book yet, and for good reason.
When my Animal Care Manager saw it on my desk she snatched it up to read for herself. It is in the process of getting passed around by staff who are all very excited about the ideas.
Rather than take it back and read it myself, I have just encouraged the staff to read it and present the ideas they are most excited about for implementation.

That process is moving along. Thank you for all your work with shelters and for animals.

Brad Shear
CAWA Executive Director Mohawk Hudson Humane Society

New to municipal sheltering, I was elated and relieved to read Robert Cabral’s book, Desperate Dogs, Determined Measures. Unlike much of the conventional training literature I have read, this piece truly touches on the challenges of open shelters and offers simple and sound recommendations that I believe will save more lives. The vast majority of shelter dogs are viable if we let them be. Each dog is unique and our approach in saving them must be as well.

Gina Knepp
Animal Care Manager City of Sacramento

Many dogs are abandoned to animal shelters because of behavioral problems. Testing confirms the problem but does little to fix it. All too often the dog loses again.

Robert Cabral’s unique book is like a breath of fresh air in offering practical shelter solutions to identify underlying problems such as fear or aggressive behaviors. He offers practical advice on how to properly evaluate and correct them especially in a stressful kennel environment. It is a “must read” guide for animal welfare workers on how to give these often misunderstood dogs a viable chance for a forever loving home.

In my 50 years of animal welfare work , I have never read a more useful “ bible” for all of us who want to give more dogs a second chance.

Frank Andrews
Exec Director Humane Society of St Lucie County

In any shelter environment, there are always dogs who could and would make terrific pets if only shelter staff had a way to modify their behavior. Robert Cabral offers his years of experience in an easy to understand format for successful methods of dealing with “Desperate Dogs.” For many of these desperate dogs, the shelter is their last hope and having alternate positive training methods is a gift to shelter staff who are committed to adoption placement options.

Xan Rawls
Executive Director Young Williams Animal Center

Every shelter manager, behaviorist and trainer worth their salt should have ‘Desperate Dogs; Determined Measures’ on their desk as a reference and a reminder that no dog is without hope!

Ed Boks
Executive Director Yavapai Humane Society

I like how it’s not just another “dog training book” it’s geared toward the dogs who are in need of our help the most. It’s clear and concise.
Dan Olsen
CAWA Animal Services/Code Compliance
Manager Town of Truckee