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A complete canine behavior training program in a shelter environment. 

2019 Sessions

will be announced soon!

The Bound Angels University is held at, and in cooperation with,
LA Animal Services.

The following programs will be held at the West LAAS Animal Shelter
11361 West Pico Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90064

*** For a list of hotels near the shelter, click here***

In our continuing effort to help shelters save more lives we are proud to announce the Bound Angels University.

The Bound Angels University curriculum is based on our experience implementing life-saving programs in large municipal shelters as well as small humane societies. Training includes theory based/ classroom instruction, as well as hands-on dog handling & training.

Behavioral issues facing shelter dogs are addressed including desensitizing fearful dogs, handling dominant dogs, basic dog-handling skills including safely removing dogs from kennels, handling dogs in a shelter setting, understanding the difference in the various pet training methods available, dog playgroup training.  The key focus of the program is to better understand and evaluate canine behavior in a shelter environment, behavior modification and how to use this knowledge to save more lives.

The Bound Angels University is a monthly program, 3 days in duration and hosts participants from up to 5 shelters locally and nationwide.

Shelters are selected by criteria including their core mission to save more lives, LRR, demographics as well as an application process. Selected shelters are invited to participate in training at no cost to their shelter. This is a scholarship-based program, all materials and training is supplied by Bound Angels.  We hope to make further scholarships available in the future to cover transportation costs and lodging for budget poor shelters and humane societies – grants and funds permitting. Initially the only expense shelters will incur is transportation to our training and accommodations.

Participants must meet the following guidelines:

  • Each participant must currently be employed at a municipal shelter; humane society or SPCA and participation must be approved by his or her supervisor.
  • Participant’s job description must be either senior ACT’s, Behaviorists / Trainers or employees whose primary job it is handling dogs.
  • A member of the shelter’s management is also encouraged to apply / attend.

click here for the Bound Angels University Application

Bound Angels University Breakdown*:

Day 1: Canine Behavior Theory: During the theory portion of the training students / participants are taught (in classroom format) the various breeds, drives, temperaments, situations, benefits and pitfalls of working with shelter dogs. Understanding the basics of the canine personality / drive and how to work with it in the often-times stressful shelter environment. Topics include:

  • Canine behavior 101
  • Understanding various breeds and drives
  • The breakdowns of various groups of dogs
  • Safely handling dogs in a shelter setting
  • The Shelter Dog
  • Saving lives through structure
  • Canine body-language
  • Safely leashing dogs in and out of their kennels
  • Avoiding fights in tight areas
  • Engaging dogs
  • Basic canine behavior
  • Proper tools for working with and handling dogs

Day 2: Understanding and Working with Canine Behavior: During the behavior training we focus on understanding a dog’s behavior in the shelter environment and how it may be different from the dog’s true personality. This is a hands-on training day handling dogs, working dogs and learning to assess the behavior of the dogs students work with. How can we use the behaviors we see, how can we modify the behaviors through engagement and training to help save more lives? Reading the behavior of dogs with people, other dogs, around toys and distractions is covered as well as understanding what potential homes and people might be best suited for each individual dog. On day 2 we also cover the application of the theory lessons learned on Day One.

  • Safely handling dogs in shelter setting
  • Walking dogs through kennels
  • Reading behaviors and temperaments
  • Safely leashing dogs in and out of their kennels
  • Avoiding fights in tight areas
  • Engaging dogs
  • Basic canine behavior
  • Proper tools for working with and handling dogs
  • Reading temperaments, behaviors and drives
  • Dog to dog introductions
  • Engaging dogs with treats
  • The basics to training and handing dogs

Day 3: Playgroups: Playgroup training brings all the pieces together. Once students learn the basics of canine behavior theory and application, we now teach students the importance of the canine pack drive. Playgroups for dogs have proven to increase adoptions, increase the overall health and well-being of dogs and increase the public’s opinion of shelters. In this training we teach:

  • How to safely bring dogs into small, medium and large groups
  • How dogs play
  • The tools used to manage playgroups
  • Which dogs are best matched to play together
  • How to introduce dogs into and remove dogs from playgroups
  • How to monitor behavior in the groups
  • How to handle scuffles and how to prevent scuffles from becoming dangerous
  • How to stay safe in the event of a dogfight
  • Reading body-language in playgroups

*Curriculum may be changed / modified at the discretion of Bound Angels.