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A complete canine behavior training program in a shelter environment. 

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For more than 10 years Bound Angels has provided  our curriculum to no longer include playgroup training.  This decision was made to support our mission of “Getting Dogs Ready for Forever Homes.”  Although playgroup training is fun and may even lessen the stress of dogs while in the shelter, it is not as valuable an adoption tool as structured obedience and dog to dog behavior training.  Furthermore, we’ve found that playgroup training plays less relevance on a dog’s day to day life outside of the shelter as the skills gained by obedience training.

We believe our Canine Good Citizen training will help more dogs get adopted and stay out of the shelter!

The Bound Angels University is held at, and in cooperation with,
LA Animal Services.

The following programs will be held at the West LAAS Animal Shelter
11361 West Pico Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90064

*** For a list of hotels near the shelter, click here***

Bound Angels University curriculum is based on our experience implementing life-saving programs in large municipal shelters as well as small humane societies. Training includes theory based/ classroom instruction, as well as hands-on dog handling & training.

Behavioral issues facing shelter dogs are addressed including desensitizing fearful dogs, handling dominant dogs, basic to intermediate dog-handling skills including safely removing dogs from kennels, handling dogs in a shelter setting, understanding the difference in the various pet training methods available.

Our training also includes hands on behavior training of shelter dogs to increase adoptability.

The key focus of the program is to better understand and evaluate canine behavior in a shelter environment, understand and apply behavior modification and how to use this knowledge to save more lives.

The Bound Angels University is a monthly program, 2 days in duration and hosts participants from up to 5 shelters locally and nationwide.

Shelters are selected by criteria including their core mission to save more lives, LRR, demographics as well as an application process. Selected shelters are invited to participate in training at little or no cost to their shelter. This is a scholarship-based program, all materials and training is supplied by Bound Angels to those who qualify.

Participants must meet the following guidelines:

  • Each participant must currently be employed at a municipal shelter; humane society or SPCA and participation must be approved by his or her supervisor.
  • Participant’s job description must be either senior ACT’s, Behaviorists / Trainers or employees whose primary job it is handling dogs.
  • A member of the shelter’s management is also encouraged to apply / attend.

click here for the Bound Angels University Application

Bound Angels University  Version 2.0  Breakdown *:

We’ve modified our program to include more life-saving skills to get dogs out of shelters and keep them out!

Our mission is still the same, but we’ve added more shelter dog handling skills that people have asked for!  If there’s one thing we’ve learned:  Find what works and move forward with it!

Our new Bound Angels University format includes:

  • Two day intensive 8+ hour days.
  • Each day includes dog handling and lecture.
  • Engagement training to build life-saving skills that get dogs ready for adoption.
  • Canine behavior 101.
  • Reading temperaments, behaviors and drives.
  • Safely leashing & handling dogs in and out of their kennels.
  • Introducing dogs to other dogs (on-leash and off).
  • Understanding canine behavior in a shelter environment.
  • Reading canine body language.
  • Understanding the needs of various breeds, drives, temperaments – and how best to help each dog find their forever home.
  • Deciding which dog may be best for which homes.
  • The basics of Canine Good Citizen – The Canine Good Citizen is a test that looks for dogs to be ambassadors of their breed. They’re asked to accept strangers, handling and other dogs.  If a dog can pass this test, they may be issued a certificate by the AKC.  It’s our goal to introduce these techniques to the shelter dogs in our training.  THIS is the primary focus of BAU V2.0

*Curriculum may be changed / modified at the discretion of Bound Angels.