About Robert

Robert Cabral founded Bound Angels after an accidental trip to a local animal shelter. Once he walked through the doors, he couldn’t turn back, and since that day he’s been working to make the world a better place for animals living in our nation’s shelters.

His background has spanned many crafts including martial art master teacher, photographer, bodyguard and author, but the one thing you’ll always find him focused on is making the world a better place for those who can’t help themselves. Several years ago that lead to founding Bound Angels. Robert’s edgy approach and eye to detail was a welcomed addition to the animal rights and animal rescue communities.

Robert immediately began grounding solid relationships with rescue groups, animal rights leaders, shelter workers and management. His background, unique ability in canine behavior, passionate approach and simple behavior assessments helped save the lives of countless dogs sentenced to death at local shelters.

His photography and video background led him to develop the Shelter Angel Video Program which features adoptable dogs in mini movies seen worldwide on the Bound Angels YouTube channel.

Robert is the author of two books; Selling Used Dogs and Desperate Dogs Determined Measures. These books focus entirely on the plight of shelter dogs, their behaviors, issues and how to save them. The books have been very well received by those working in rescue, animal shelter directors, employees, staff and volunteers.

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Robert also teaches Canine Shelter Behavior through the Bound Angels VIMEO channel. All of the video instruction is provided free of charge to anyone in rescue or working at humane societies, SPCA’s, shelters and rescues nationwide. These videos are all filmed live and on location during Robert’s Shelter Rescue Programs which are held at municipal animal shelters.

Kathy Davis interim General Manager says: “Robert has turned many a hopeless dog into a true life Cinderella story…”

Ed Boks former GM of LAAS, NYC Animal Care and Maricopa County AZ says: “Robert Cabral is an animal behaviorist extraordinaire…. He is a modern day St. Francis of Assisi…”