Bound Angels University Intro Video

Bound Angels University – Dog Intro Promo

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Bound Angels University teaches shelter employees the skills to save more dog’s lives. Beginning February 8th 2016 Bound Angels University will begin training staff and management of municipal shelters in life-saving canine handling skills.  This three day workshop is available for shelter employees throughout the country and will feature theory as well as hands on training.  Each 8 hour day will …

Correct Them or Kill Them

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Correct them or Kill them. I’ve been a pretty outspoken advocate for shelter dogs, and all dogs in general for the last several years. I’ve also spent most of my time training and competing with dogs. To be clear, I deal with all types of dogs, not just the ones I choose, but also the ones that are chosen for …

Killing By The Numbers

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When we look at how an animal shelter performs, we typically judge them by how many animals are adopted / rescued vs. how many animals are killed.  These numbers may seem simple at the surface but are often skewed by a veil of deceit. Typically this should be a simple approach:  The shelter took in 100 animals, 90 were adopted, …