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Bound Angels University teaches shelter employees the skills to save more dog’s lives.

Beginning February 8th 2016 Bound Angels University will begin training staff and management of municipal shelters in life-saving canine handling skills.  This three day workshop is available for shelter employees throughout the country and will feature theory as well as hands on training.  Each 8 hour day will be full of dog handling information that helps people better understand how to better handle, assess and interact with dogs and get them adopted.

This training is made available to shelters free of charge because, as founder Robert Cabral says, “Saving dogs should not cost shelters money.  Education is one of the leading causes for needless destruction of adoptable animals in our nation’s shelters.”  Cabral has been teaching these workshops for the past 7 years, but this year has reached an agreement with LA City Shelters to host the training at one of the city shelters monthly.  The advantage is that all of the training will be held at a central location where shelters can attend and each 3 day session opens 5 slots for shelter employees.

For more information on this program, click here.

The video below shows a short excerpt from a training that teaches people proper introductions of dogs in a social setting.  Without proper introductions dogs may be met with less than desirable results.  Introducing dogs nose to nose can set the introduction up for failure, although this is a common mistake that people make.

Bound Angels University’s training focusses on comprehensive training that is geared to better understanding dogs in a shelter setting and making dogs more adoptable.  Understanding the pitfalls that shelter dogs can face and working to correct them is the ultimate goal for the “University.”

One of the biggest goals of Bound Angels University is to form a networks of like-minded dog lovers who will collaborate on an ongoaing basis to help shelter dogs everywhere.