Bound Angels University is loved by all

Bound Angels University is loved by all

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You’d think that people would be exhausted after 24 hours of dog training, behavior lectures and playgroups.  Well, not the group at the first Bound Angels University training this last month.

Steph Cooper from Brightside Animal Center in Oregon has trained with Bound Angels on numerous occasions and is a top behaviorist trainer who also runs Lead and Love Dog Rescue.  She attended the mentor program of the university and will also be attending in March so that she can take these skills and teach them to others.

Earlier this month we welcomed staff, behaviorists, trainers and animal control officers from 5 municipalities including Long Beach, LA, Oregon, Ventura and Arizona.  Each of these shelters works with thousands of animals that will be directly affected by the skills they learned attending our 3 day training.

As you will hear from their testimonials, these trainers will go back to their shelter and apply these life-saving techniques right away.

Participants learned everything from canine behavior in a shelter environment, basic canine theory, basic to intermediate dog handling skills, temperament assessment and dog playgroups.  Each day was 8 solid hours of training and hands on handling.  At the end, each participant took a final exam before receiving their certificate.

Please share Bound Angels University with your friends and anyone you know that works in shelters, humane societies and SPCA’s.  The training is free of charge to participants because of the support of friends like you.

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