Bound Angels Hot Dog Challenge

Bound Angels Hot Dog Challenge

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To raise awareness for shelter dogs everywhere and their need to connect with people, we are announcing the “Bound Angels Hot Dog Challenge.” The challenge is simple, take 3 pieces of hot dog and get them from your mouth to your dog’s mouth without using your hands.  Ideally spitting them from your mouth to your dog’s mouth.  This is a …

Bound Angels University is loved by all

Bound Angels University is loved by all

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You’d think that people would be exhausted after 24 hours of dog training, behavior lectures and playgroups.  Well, not the group at the first Bound Angels University training this last month. Steph Cooper from Brightside Animal Center in Oregon has trained with Bound Angels on numerous occasions and is a top behaviorist trainer who also runs Lead and Love Dog Rescue. …

Correct Them or Kill Them

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Correct them or Kill them. I’ve been a pretty outspoken advocate for shelter dogs, and all dogs in general for the last several years. I’ve also spent most of my time training and competing with dogs. To be clear, I deal with all types of dogs, not just the ones I choose, but also the ones that are chosen for …

Shelter Rescue Coming to Prescott Arizona

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May 4th, 5th and 6th I will be in Prescott Arizona at the Yavapai Humane Society for a 3 day workshop / seminar with staff, volunteers and management teaching our Shelter Rescue Program.  The focus of this workshop is a better understanding canine behaviors through training and evaluations and how best to save more lives. I have been to YHS …

Despite the Critics

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It seems lately, once again, the work of Bound Angels is drawing some criticism.  I was alerted of this situation a few weeks ago and have been handling it personally, but want to make you aware in case you hear of it from someone else. In any situation there will always be critics and this time the criticism is coming …

Socializing Dogs in Shelters

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One of the biggest issues facing dogs in shelters is the shut down of the behaviors we’ve bred into them for so many years; namely socialization. A dog’s ability to live with, and be happy with, other dogs and people is one of the key things that makes the dog a perfect companion animal. Among the people who have done …