JD White of Nashville Animal Care and Control

Nashville Metro Animal Care and Control at Bound Angels University

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Nashville Animal Care and Control attending the Bound Angels University had a very special impact on me.  As I told in the first day of this session, Nashville is where all of this started for me.  I was living in Nashville for two years and would occasionally drop in to the shelter and drop off a bag of food at the front desk.

One day I opened the back door and saw where the dogs where kept. Although it was meticulously clean and nice, I was still shocked to know that animals were discarded by society.  This opened my eyes to be a part of a solution.  Soon after that I began Bound Angels as a mission and it has been going ever since.

So, when JD came to the Bound Angels University from Nashville, it was very special.  I have to thank my good friend Bernie Berlin from A Place to Bark for facilitating this (and now I owe her).

As you can see from JD’s testimonial, he really enjoyed learning the skills we teach to shelter employees that help them save lives.

JD is a very skilled dog handler and with the additional tools he learned at this training I am certain that he will save even more lives.  Thank you to JD and Nashville Metro for being a part of Bound Angels University & welcome to the family!