Saving More Lives Through Viral Videos

Bound Angels Blog

I remember a long time ago someone told me that if they had my talents they would save dogs all day long. Well, we figured out a way to make that happen for so many people -anywhere in the world. Through our vimeo channel we are able to share our teachings worldwide. And best of all, we do it for free.

All of our instructional videos are available free of charge to any shelter employee, volunteer, manager or behaviorist. We strive to keep this information readily available and realistic.

Some other training videos that I have seen deal with simple behaviors and non-threatening breeds. I wanted our videos to focus on the dogs that are at the greatest risk in our nations shelters. Furthermore I wanted our instructional videos to deal with the day-to-day encounters that staff and volunteers face in shelters. Some SPCAs and Humane Societies have beautiful locations with state of the art equipment, kennels and easy to handle dogs. I never thought these dogs or shelters were at the greatest risk. It’s the tough breeds, behaviorally dangerous and the critically shut down dogs that we focus on in our training.

I hope you’ll share our mission and our passion with us and with all of the other shelters that need our help.  We offer regular training workshops here in the LA area at the VCAS shelter in Camarillo and open these trainings up to people nationwide to participate.  For those that can’t attend, we have our free vimeo channel.


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