Playgroups for dogs at LA City Shelters

Bound Angels Blog

As this year rolls to a much too quick end, I reflect back at the amazing year we’ve had here at Bound Angels.  Thanks to your support, we’ve lived up to our mission and “helped shelters save more lives.

Every shelter we visit is a new experience, new dogs, new challenges and more lives to save.  And the best part is that all of our work is made available for shelters everywhere via our vimeo channel.  Imagine that, FREE life-saving training available to anyone working in rescue and we can do it because of the support of friends like you.

Recently we were contracted by the City of Los Angeles to teach our Playgroup Training for Dogs.  Thus far we’ve visited 3 of the 6 shelters, South LA, West LA and Harbor / San Pedro.  We’ve worked with hundreds of dogs and done the unthinkable; we took dogs from every breed, every size, temperament and age and let them play in large groups.  This training is one of the most valuable things available to shelters and more importantly to dogs.  The happiest moment is seeing people walk up to the yard and say, “I want to adopt that dog!”  And it happened several times.  In 2015 we will finish the LA City Shelter training and spread this program to more shelters, and make the video training available as well.

YES, that’s right, even the PitBulls get to play.  We structure the groups so that any dog we introduce into the group is set up for success and thereby minimize the risk of fights, aggression or bad behavior.  

Because of your help we save lives and I hope that you will continue to support our lifesaving work with your tax deductible year end gift.

If you would consider a recurring monthly membership, your support would be allocated to the programs that need it most and these programs would continue to be funded.  We are working at the shelters that need it most, plus ALL of our programs are available FREE of charge via our vimeo training channel.  NO ONE ELSE DOES THAT.