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You know it never ceases to amaze me how many people give up their dogs, so just let me vent here for a moment. Whoever came up with the excuse, “I have to give up my dog because I’m moving…” should be slapped up side the head – hard.

For the past several years I’ve heard a plethora of excuses for giving up the animal that’s shared it’s life with you, the most honest is, “I just don’t want him any more.” It’s stupid, but honest. I can’t imagine any excuse for giving up a pet once I’ve commited to it, but then again, that’s just me. Commitment is something some people take seriously while others have no idea “what it means.” Since these people probably meander through their meaningless lives with little focus on structure or function, they probably don’t see the meaning for focus let alone commitment. These people probably make bad parents, employees and partners. If you can let go of an animal that has given it’s life to you, only to drop it at a shelter with little regard to what will happen to it; leaving it with a person you’ve never met, then your charachter may be a bit flawed – actually severely flawed.

But, back to the idea, “I’m moving and can’t take my dog with me.” I would like to know where that special place is where you are moving where dogs are illegal. I’ve traveled around this country a bit and haven’t found a state, nor city that has a ban on dogs. Recently I was forced to move and did find it a little bit challenging to find a place that would allow dogs, but I persevered… and believe me, my scope of interest of where I wanted to live was much more limited than most people. I can promise you that if its important enough for you, you’ll find a place that allows dogs. In fact ask yourself this question, “If giving up my dog will cost me 15% of my yearly pay, would I expend the effort to find a place that will take me WITH my dog?” And if you answer YES to this, WTF is wrong with you?

Am I being a jerk here? NO. I’m speaking for the animal that, when dumped in a shelter has less than a 30% chance of getting out alive. The animal that has no voice after you walk out the front door back to your normal life, the animal that sits and wonders WHEN you will be back… you always came back before. These animals deserve a voice, and their voice is taken from them… I am that voice today… and I am pissed.

Think about what you do BEFORE you get a dog or cat. This is one reason why I am criticized when I don’t speak out against breeders. In my opinion, if you get your dog from a breeder and keep it for life, you are NOT a part of the problem. But, no matter where you get your dog, if you dump him when you grow tired, move or can’t afford him anymore… YOU ARE THE PROBLEM. Lets take the blame off of people who have little if anything to do with the problem and place it squarely on those who ARE THE PROBLEM…. irresponsible pet owners… not breeders.

THINK – its a life your messing up… its your choice to be a selfish ass or be to be kind.