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As many of you may know I am against the over-vaccination of our dogs. They are primarily geared at revenue and are highly dangerous to our pets. I suggest you read up on “vaccinosis”.. just google it. In the meantime, there is an important bill in California that needs your attention. I’ve read the bill, and at it’s core it has little problem. The primary goal as it is read is to simplify the procedure for attaining a license for your dog. It wants to do away with the antiquated process of having to show a certificate at an animal control office to attain the license. It will allow for online registration and modernized methods.

My issue with the bill is that it still requires dogs to be vaccinated at too young of an age, and is not 100% clear on the duration of the vaccination period: 1 or 3 years. I am for “titer” tests on dogs to see if they still carry to anti-body to rabies, and wish that to be stronger stated in any legislation and give owners the option to submit medical titer results as opposed to simply vaccinating. This should be an option. Even though the costs would be higher, many people would gladly pay. Making these options available and allowing people to license their dogs / pets this way would probably see an increase in license fees. Please read below:

CALIFORNIA Rabies Bill AB 2689 http://www.leginfo.ca.gov/pub/09-10/bill/asm/ab_2651-2700/ab_2689_bill_20100408_amended_asm_v98.html introduced by Assembly Member Cameron Smyth, Chair of the Local Government Committee has been referred to the Local Government Committee http://www.assembly.ca.gov/acs/newcomframeset.asp?committee=17
and will require annual rabies vaccinations and puppies to be vaccinated at 3 months of age in “rabies areas” (portion of bill text below) as determined by the State Public Health Officer — violation is impoundment.

It is URGENT that ALL concerned pet owners contact the committee and tell them to reject this bill in its entirety. The COMMITTEE PHONE is (916) 319-3958 and the members contact information is listed below. PERMISSION GRANTED TO POST AND CROSS-POST this notice, please help spread the word and take action to defeat this legislation.

Cameron Smyth – Chair

Rep-38 (916) 319-2038 [email protected]

Anna M. Caballero – Vice Chair

Dem-28 (916) 319-2028 [email protected]

Juan Arambula

Ind-31 (916) 319-2031 [email protected]

Steven Bradford

Dem-51 (916) 319-2051 [email protected]

Mike Davis

Dem-48 (916) 319-2048 [email protected]

Steve Knight

Rep-36 (916) 319-2036 [email protected]

Dan Logue

Rep-3 (916) 319-2003 [email protected]

Jose Solorio

Dem-69 (916) 319-2069 [email protected]

SEC. 2. Section 121690 is added to the
Health and Safety Code , to read:
121690. In rabies areas, all of the following shall apply:
(a) Every dog owner, after his or her dog attains the age of three
months, shall no less than once every two years secure a license for
the dog as provided by ordinance of the responsible city, city and
county, or county. License fees shall be fixed by the responsible
city, city and county, or county, at an amount not to exceed
limitations otherwise prescribed by state law or city, city and
county, or county charter.
(b) Every dog owner, after his or her dog attains the age of three
months, shall, at intervals of time not more often than once a year,
as may be prescribed by the department, procure its vaccination by a
licensed veterinarian with a canine antirabies vaccine approved by,
and in a manner prescribed by, the department.

The Rabies Challenge Fund


I am interested in the work of the Rabies Challenge Fund and its research to determine the amount of vaccines we need to give our animals to safely vaccinate them against rabies. I am including the link to them above and urge you to research this information on your own. Over-vaccinating a dog or any animal is dangerous and un-necessary.

Thanks for giving a voice to animals…


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