Divided We Fall

Bound Angels Blog

I know this post may fly in the face of many people in rescue, but I have to say what I feel. Since I entered into this field I’ve found a lot of egos present in the animal rescue community. Everyone knows a better way to do things, and people are very divided on their stands. This is very evident in the debate about the No Kill Shelter concept. I think everyone wants it, but no one understands the magnitude of the problem. Shelters are overcrowded because people keep dumping more and more pets into the shelters. People blame breeders first and foremost, and I differ on this point very strongly. I believe the problem is with un-reputable breeders. For years I’ve taken the side of good breeders and know for a fact that many good breeders are doing more to help the problem than hinder it.

The problem to the pet “overpopulation” problem does not lie with reputable breeders, it lies with stupid people who are irresponsible pet owners, who can’t keep their dogs in their homes or yards – they don’t spay or neuter and their dogs are running around making more unwanted dogs that we kill at a rate of several million every year. Then lets look at back yard breeders, puppy mills, impulse shoppers on the internet buying dogs, people who don’t train their dogs or grow tired of them.

Legitimate breeders screen potential homes for their puppies more thoroughly often than rescue organizations, they qualify people who are getting one of their puppies, and they will take a dog back if it doesn’t work out. So… lets put the blame of this problem squarely where it lies, and off of the reputable breeders who have a love and passion for their dogs, just like us.

I get angry when people point fingers and blame without a solution. Do people actually think that we should stop breeders? That makes as much sense as sterilizing people until there are no more orphans. Lets take the efforts and focus on educating people about responsible pet custodianship, lets team up with breeders and see how we can work together. Statistics show that there are about 30% pure bred dogs in shelters. I think that number may be a bit high, but close enough to consider. That means more than 70% of our “problem” lies with irresponsible people who are breeding dogs to show their kids the beauty of “The Miracle of Life.” Which to me is one of the most idiotic things and it borders on bestiality. If children should learn about the miracle of life, shouldn’t it be from humans.. oh yeah, we can’t show naked people, that would be a sin…. But don’t get me started there.

I’ll close this post with my typical disappointment in the people who complain and complain and do very little to solve the problem, and my hat off to all of those people who make the world a better place for animals! You know who you are.

Robert Cabral