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Never Underestimate the Cruelty of Man:   I Believe

Never Underestimate the Kindness of Man:   Trying to Learn
Well, I returned to the shelter today to visit “Hope.”  This old lady has been weighing heavy on my heart.  How could someone just dump her there?  Well, I spent some time with her and she is quite a case.  It seems she is blind in one of her eyes and I would guess she was used as a breeding bitch.  Looking at her records it states she was kept outside for AT LEAST the last 5 years, she is not house broken and is frightened of people.  It’s rare when dogs don’t respond positively to me, and she is one who didn’t.  It breaks my heart when I see that, because I know their chances are slim.  When I tried to pat her, she turned around with a look in her eyes, tail pulled back and let out a bark, that told me – she didn’t want any part of me.  The irony is that Hope has no issues whatsoever with other dogs.  Look at her in her cell with her mate.  She is comfortable with her friend.  Her one solace is probably that animals have shown her the kindness that humans didn’t.
I had received emails from 2 different people that are willing to give a home to Hope.  One locally here in Southern CA, and one in PA.  Both of these people are absolute God-sends.  People that make me believe in the second of my above statements.  WOW.  The tough thing to figure out will  be where to send her.  I will meditate on this and make a decision.  I just want her to be safe.
A friend of mine asked me tonight, why would you spend such energy on this old gal, there are so many young ones that need help….  and she’s right.  However, I feel certain things come into our lives for a reason.  She is not friendly to me, shows me no love and is as aloof as any dog ever has been to me, yet there is something about here.  She weighs on my heart.  Of course Sharpei have a way to my heart.  I don’t think Hope has had a great life, in fact I believe her life really sucked.  I think the ass who owned her, used her for the time and good they derived from her and then cast her out knowing full well she would be out of sight – out of mind.  Using the shelter system to do their dirty work is a cowardly and pathetic tool to avoid dealing with the realities of life.  I could ….  never mind.   Hope certainly deserves a little love before she dies.  However many days she has left on this earth, let her experience the love that she has missed all of these years.  Let her feet touch carpet and let her come to the understanding that a pat on the head from a human is a good thing.  Let love enter her heart even if its only for a moment.  Let her know that some human cared and when she passes over that bridge, let her know someone cared and loved her.
If you’d like to help with Hope, please visit and make a donation in her name.
Thanks for reading and caring.
Robert Cabral