From Hope-less to Hope- FULL

Bound Angels Blog

One of my happiest days…  All of you know how much saving Hope has meant to me and it is a dream come true.  I pulled Hope from the downtown animal shelter on Thursday and drove her to San Diego.  I had a few people offer to do it for me, but I had to do this myself.  I almost cried as I walked her from her cell out the front gate, into my car and off to freedom.  

An amazing blessing came in her foster mom Diane.  Her and her entire family including the other Pei Fanny and Bo opened their hearts to Hope so selflessly and Hope opened her heart too.  During out long ride from LA to San Diego I chatted with her several times, I stopped and got her some ice and fed it to her.  It seems as though she finally accepted me, I fed her ice from my hand and when we arrived their, I reached into the crate to put her collar on and grabbed that big spongy head and she just let me.  This was a major breakthrough.  
I met Diane and her family and Hope could not have picked a better home.  Diane had recently lost one of her beloved babies and is fostering Hope as a tribute to him.  What an amazing lady!  Her love for the dogs shows in her heart, I saw it at first sight.  She immediately saw in Hope what I saw the first time I saw her.  I made the old gal a promise and thanks to Diane I was able to keep it.  I have a habit that when I find a dog that I want to save, I look into their eyes and swear to them that I will save them.  Thus far I’ve been blessed to be able to follow through on each of them.  And, even though Bound Angels is not a “rescue” per se, it is such a great feeling to pull a dog off of  deaths door.
There is no doubt in my heart that Hope was destined for death, and the person who left her there knows it too.  Hope was living outside for more than 5 years.  Her ears had fly strikes all over them, she is basically blind and for the most part deaf.  An old lady that had no clue as to her destiny, and no control over it.  She gave her love and affection to a lowlife who dumped her when she needed love the most, in her later years.  It seems many wondered why I would care so much for an old dog, why not the younger ones?  Well, in our society we often forget the old, the weak and the poor.  The heart and soul of compassion is the help we give to those who are forgotten by others, and Hope was a classic case.  There was NO WAY, I would give up on her.  I knew if Hope could feel love just one more time, if she would open herself up to getting another pat on the head, a warm meal, a kind stroke, to know someone loved her before she laid her head down for the last time my work will have been worthwhile.  That this girl would know that she will die in her time, not in a time picked by the in-humane shelter system, that she would be free to live her golden years as she deserves, with respect, love and dignity– this is the goal to compassion and something I strived for and am grateful Hope will get.
I thank all of you for your love and compassion that you sent for Hope
I thank Diane and her beautiful family for fostering Hope
I thank God for bringing Hope into my life and allowing her to touch my soul.
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Best regards,
Robert Cabral