Leave NONE Behind – the rescue of Daisy aka Annie

Bound Angels Blog

Last week I posted “DO NOT ADOPT THIS DOG”  It was my ploy to see who would step up.  This campaign was a huge success.  I found a home for the dog I named Daisy.
Daisy was the dog that was in the cell with Hope…  we all remember Hope.  Well, I had a home for Hope, but I knew that Daisy would be left behind.  The chance for a black dog at a shelter is….  well, like a snowballs chance in hell, or worse.  The daring campaign, DO NOT ADOPT THIS DOG, was my only chance.  Needless to say, Daisy is the sweetest lab, with the kindest golden eyes and as calm as can be.  Basically the perfect dog.  It broke my heart thinking that Hope got out and that Daisy would be murdered by the shelter staff shortly thereafter.  She was so kind to Hope, she tolerated the grumpy old lady that I grew to love.  She showed her much compassion and love.  What a perfect spirit.  Caged up with a blind and basically deaf dog more than 3 times her age, and never an incident.  I sat and watched them interact for quite some time.  I took her out to meet her and she would just want to sit at my side.  She is so sweet.
I was ecstatic when I got the call from Joe that he would open his home to Daisy.  Joe is an animal lover, he lives with Bonnie (black lab) and Clyde (cocker).  He has a beautiful home in the valley and is a composer.  His dogs live inside and enjoy all the comforts that any dog could want, including listening to his music.  Check out his website at www.joerozum.com 
Joe renamed her to Annie.  Annie lives with Bonnie and Clyde and Joe.  What a life.  They all get along just beautifully.  Annie visited my vet for a quick checkup, and even though she was a bit nervous and barfed a few times, she’s just fine.
Thank you to all of you who sent out your prayers and well wishes for both Hope and Annie / Daisy.  And please remember that no case is Hope-Less unless you allow it to be.  Yes, black dogs are not the most common dogs adopted from shelters, but they are loving creatures who are just as beautiful as all the others.  Remember the positive things, every one loves black cars, everyone wants to be a Black Belt, we want our businesses to function in the black..  Black dogs make great lovers…  Just ask Annie.