a letter from a dog… please read

Bound Angels Blog

Dear Mom & Dad,

Last week you took me for a ride and left me at this place called the shelter. I’ve been waiting every minute for you to come back and get me, and I’m wondering if you forgot. For the last 10 years I’ve been with you and loved & adored you. I’ve been there to wag my tail when you came home from work, I loved the walks you took me on, I loved waking up to my favorite food, and that pat on the head you always gave me. I thought we’d be together forever, but I see I was wrong. I would never have left you…NEVER.

Today I was told that you will never come back to get me, that you left me here and that you moved. I’m not sure why you couldn’t take me with you, but it makes me sad that I’ll never see you again, and that I may die here in this place called the shelter. Not sure if you know this, but older dogs have little chance of getting adopted. Do you think I’ll die before my 10th birthday? I’m scared here and don’t know who to turn to, since the people I dedicated my whole life to have turned their backs to me.

I pray that someone will find me here and give me a chance… Even though you abandoned me, I will promise my love to someone, anyone who will take me as I am. I’m not young and pretty like when you bought me as your new plaything. Now I am refined and wise and relaxed in the golden years of my life. I don’t need to many walks or playtime, I’ll be happy with someone who will just love me, and I will love them…


aka : A0957564 at the LA North Central Shelter