if you’re gonna give up on a dog – do so before you bring him home.

Bound Angels Blog

As much as it seems like such a great idea to get a new dog and change your life to adapt to this new creature of love, I urge you to think twice.  Yes, I am asking you to consider it carefully before you do it.  I feel it is a terrible thing to do to bring a dog into your home and then have it not work out.  I’ve seen it several times and it really pisses me off.  People inevitably find some reason that the new dog doesn’t work out:  he’s bigger than we thought he’d get, he barks, he doesn’t get along with the other dog /the cats, he chews on stuff, he takes too much attention and a litany of other stupid excuses.  If you ain’t up for the task – don’t start.

There are few things as unfair to a dog as bringing him into a home and then getting rid of him.  Dogs are pack animals and form immense bonds, unlike humans who could generally care less.  Spinning a dog’s wheels and shuffling him from home to home to foster to shelters generally builds an unstable dog that may have or develop serious behavioral issues.  These issues can be avoided by giving him a solid footing and structure.  If you think it’s gonna be too much work – you’re probably right and you should probably move back in with your mother so she can wipe your rear after you potty.

I’m floored that grown ups actually use these excuses when dumping their dogs, but they do.  If you can’t squeeze 30 minutes a day in to take a dog for a walk, throw a ball or something, get a goldfish.  The joy a dog brings is immeasurable.  There are also numerous studies that show owning, or should I say – sharing your life with a dog, actually extends life and reduces stress.  If that’s not reason enough to put forth a little effort, then I’m not sure what is.

Remember, if it seems like it’s gonna be too much work, think about talking to a friend who already has a dog.  Think this one over.  It’s not a shirt from Nordstrom’s that you can return guilt-free.  It’s a living, breathing creature that will rely on you for everything from food to shelter to safety.  If this responsibility is too much for you, please don’t jump in in the first place and also if this is too much for you to handle -PLEASE don’t reproduce!