Smoke and Mirrors

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Well after yesterdays post “Laying the Blame” I saw countless responses in favor and many who tried to slam my opinion.

How can anyone see what I’m saying as wrong?  Simple, they don’t address it.  Why won’t anyone just come out and say “If you dump a dog at a shelter, you are wrong.”  Instead they cry and scream about the shelters killing dogs, they rant and rave about people buying dogs from breeders and all the while ignore the fact that if no one was dumping dogs at the shelter, there would be no shelters.  If everyone bought a dog tomorrow and kept it and loved it for its entire life, there would be no need for shelters.  Someone even wrote me an email and wondered if I was a breeder in disguise.  It’s hysterical that this person wouldn’t spend 2 minutes typing my name into google to see  who I am, what I’ve given up in life to do and what I believe in.

What these idealist would have you believe is that if we stopped breeding for a year, a moratorium, that suddenly the shelters would be empty.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  If however we imposed a one year moratorium on idiots dumping dogs at shelters and ONCE AND FOR ALL held people accountable for their individual actions, we might get somewhere.  Why can’t these people hold the guilty accountable and let the innocent be.

If we didn’t have any guns, there would be no crime, if we ban McDonald’s people wouldn’t be fat, if we search every person at the airport we won’t prejudice against the real terrorists…  It’s all SMOKE AND MIRRORS.  How about individuals take some responsibility for their actions?  The real issue is how are the dogs getting into the shelters in the first place?  Why are people dumping dogs in shelters?  FOCUS…  If you get a dog from a rescue or a breeder and you dump it in the shelter, you are an ass no matter what.  If you keep your dog, you’re a good person.

For those who think that if there were no breeders everyone would stream into the shelters and clear them out – Good luck!  It’s like saying close the used car lots so that we can sell more new cars.  A nice lady was slammed on my facebook page  for admitting she wanted a pure bred dog that looked a particular way.  It’s all Smoke and Mirrors. Needless to say this woman was not praised for all the donations to rescue or for having rescue dogs along with her breeder dog…  of course, we wouldn’t want to acknowledge that.

Perhaps we should stop eating so much so that we can feed more starving people, or maybe we should stop having children until all the orphans are adopted.  Maybe we should just stop living in a fantasy and deal with the reality.

I’ve seen plenty of rescue people consoling people at the shelter who were giving up their dogs.  Not me.  The last person who ran into me at a shelter while giving up their dog, with big crocodile tears streaming down her face got a good earful from me.  I told her what I thought of her and it wasn’t very nice.  I DESPISE PEOPLE WHO ABANDON ANIMALS….  simple – you wanna know the truth, don’t get a dog if you’re not ready for the commitment.  If you can’t keep it cause your moving, it bites, it pees, it doesn’t like your new girlfriend or her cat, it doesn’t match your new furniture or whatever stupid reason you have – FIX IT.  If you’re moving somewhere that doesn’t take dogs, MOVE SOMEWHERE DIFFERENT – you ASS.  It is a life, it has a right and you are responsible for it.  If we catch your dog running around the neighborhood you’re gonna get a fine or go to jail…. THAT’S IT!!

The moral of the story is social responsibility – and that starts with each of us.  Get your dog, love your dog and keep your dog.  BLAME the people who are the problem, and if you’re blaming others or just writing facebook entries all day, perhaps YOU should be the one volunteering at the local shelter helping dogs get adopted, or better yet, counceling the people that are dropping their dogs off.  Perhaps you’d like to take their dogs from them and take them out for an Arby’s sandwich to ease their woes while you’re at it.

There are two kinds of people in the world: those that do good and those that don’t.