Bravo on Smoke and Mirrors post

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I received the following email yesterday and wanted to share it with you.  It is a response to the Smoke and Mirrors post and I believe this email says what so many of us caring dog owners believe (why can’t the others care just 1/2 as much?)…

this mail speaks to my heart!  Bravo to you Christy!!!

3 years ago, at the age of 58, my husband lost his job and a year later, we lost our home.
There was NEVER any doubt that, no matter what the future held, our 4 dogs would be with us and their needs would come first.
So, we sold all our belongings, bought a small RV, loaded up our dogs and have lived the “gypsy” life.
I would do whatever it takes to keep my dogs with me.
Despite behavioral challenges and expensive medical issues, we made a promise when we adopted them that we would ALWAYS take care of them.
There is no excuse to dump your dog when the going gets tough.  I’ve been there and I know better.

Chisty J.