don’t spin my wheels…

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I’m writing this to the person who sends me an anonymous e-mail criticizing the work a good friend of mine is doing working at a Humane Society.

I’d like to be clear on something: those that criticize rarely have an answer and stake their claim that people are doing wrong, yet they don’t know what the right is.  This is a perfect example of this.  The time I have to spend reading stupid email, then researching their idiotic claims is time taken away from what I do; saving animals.

So, if you think you know how to save animals, DO IT.  If you don’t like the way animal control works, DO SOMETHING.  Get off of your ass and save an animal instead of throwing daggers from the back.

All of the time wasted emailing, criticizing and slamming those working hard at saving animals is just that…  A WASTE OF TIME.    If you are one of those people remember this, YOU ARE KILLING THE ANIMALS IN THE SHELTER.   When time is taken away to defend oneself or another, that time could be spent working with a dog that is one step away from the needle.

If you’re upset that the shelter is killing dogs, DO SOMETHING.  Go to the shelter and bail them out.  There’s no shelter that I know of that would rather kill a dog than have it leave through the front door.  If there is, put your focus there.

I can clearly say that there are those on the front lines saving animals and there are those self-righteous, nay-sayers who think they can do everything better, yet never do anything besides criticize.  If you fall into that category, get out of the way before we roll you over.  There’s hard work to be done, there are lives to be saved and there is no time to waste on the scum that clogs my inbox slaying those that are the true heroes.

And if you have something to say, show your face, call me, meet me.  I’m here for that.  I’m easy to find and I don’t hide behind an anonymous email address or fake name.

Robert Cabral
Bound Angels