2 months and 55 minutes

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So I found Donnie at the shelter this last visit.  I always try to pick dogs that really need a chance; either ones that have been there for a while, older ones, special needs ones, etc.  No sense in making a video of a perfectly adoptable dog that will get out on their own.

So Donnie had been there for over 2 months, is a big dog and a pit bull.  A super nice dog, but some of these things were working against him.  I came home and edited his video and a miracle happened.  I’ve seen dogs get adopted quickly from these videos, but this was a miracle.  55 minutes after I posted his video on facebook I got the message that he was being rescued.  And he did get rescued.  How sad for him to have waited so long in the shelter.

That is why it is my goal to get  rescues and shelters to understand the powerful tools of video marketing, photos and proper temperament testing.  All of this is outlined in my book, Selling Used Dogs.  It is a free download right here on BoundAngels.org

If you’d like to see Donnie’s video, click here:

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