she was loved – because someone cared

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On June 23, 2008 I found a sad old Shar Pei living in the shelter in downtown LA.  She was hopeless, so I named her HOPE.  I wrote a small letter based on what I thought she was thinking (this was before our video program).  I am enclosing the original post here:

I was sad beyond words that someone dumped a dog like HOPE at the shelter.  She was almost blind, couldn’t hear well and wasn’t too fond of being touched.  However, I thought she deserved a chance.  I sent her letter around and a wonderful woman named Diane responded and said she would foster her.  Well, that foster became Hope’s forever home and her name was changed to Maggie.

Over the  years I received regular updates on Maggie, and I looked forward to each and every one.

Like I said, in June 2008 Maggie was set to be put down in the shelter with no one to love her and no one to hold her.  However her fate took a turn when Diane added her to her pack.

Sadly however, age did catch up with Maggie and last night Maggie left this world,  not alone and scared at a shelter – but rather in the loving company of a human who loved her till the end.

So, it is with great sadness, but also a heart filled with gratitude that I share with you my last update on Maggie aka HOPE.

We had to put Maggie down yesterday. We all feel sad, even the dogs. I got up at 4:00 am to find all three dogs sleeping in unusual places around the house, I collected them all and they went to their beds. Maybe Maggie was the one who told them to go to bed at night, strange to see.
We loved Maggie and I know she loved us and was happy here. Thank you for bringing Maggie into our lives.
RIP Sweet Maggie – see you at the bridge!!!