Dogs Due to Die in Carson CA.. you can help

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from the desk of Robert Cabral – BOUND ANGELS

I am sending this plea out to help 4 dogs that are just hours away from being killed at the Carson Shelter in Los Angeles.

Its a long complicated story, so I’ll save the immense details and give you the basics.

These four dogs belong to a person who has been challenged by personal and financial issues. One of them was involved in a dog bite on a person. The mix up comes in because all four of them are being held accountable for the action and are to be killed.

They are scheduled to be killed Thursday. …But, I have a way out.

I’ve been in discussions with the city attorney as well as a a sanctuary in Texas that will take them. I have an agreement that the city will allow all four dogs to be relocated to the sanctuary in Texas, all we need is a way to get them there, and that involves money.

There are several option for you to help.

1. you can make a donation to the sanctuary to build the housing unit it will take to house these 4 dogs: approx cost $500
2. you can make a donation toward the transportation costs to get the dogs to Texas. Car travel (we are looking for someone) will probably cost about $1000 in gas and car expenses
3. if you’d like to make a donation to cover airfare for the dogs it will total approx $500 per dog = $2000.00
4. you may also sign up as a monthly sponsor for the sanctuary at

BOUND ANGELS is on board to help. We’ve dedicated countless hours of time thus far and are dedicated to the end. We take no salary, fees or administrative costs for what we do. Our goal is to save the animals. EVERY PENNY you donate will go toward saving these dogs.

Please visit and click on the donations button to help. If you have any question, please feel free to contact me at the number below.

Thank you very much for reading this and for helping.

Best regards,

Robert Cabral
“giving a voice to animals”