A Worthwhile Drive

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I receive hundreds of emails and/or phone calls each and every week about dogs that need rescue, dogs that are about to die, people giving up their dogs… so, you can imagine how happy I am when I receive a call from someone who wants to actually rescue a dog. That was the case last week. Someone was interested in a dog that was currently at the Baldwin Park Shelter, a Sharpei named Brittney. Sean’s concern was his other mini Sharpei and the temperament of this dog towards his children. These are all areas I am very familiar in sussing out, particularly in “aggressive” breeds. I jumped in my car and made the hour long drive to the beautiful Inland Empire of Southern CA. I arrived at the shelter and wasted no time in getting to Brittney.

Brittney was a sweet little girl who was just about to be fed when I showed up. The kennel attendant was very kind and helped me get her to the “get acquainted area.” I observed a very timid dog that had not been given attention or love for quite some time. This is no way to treat any dog, let alone one that could not be older then 10 months. Her skin was in tough shape, her hair falling out — she was neglected. Not sure what’s worse, the crappy treatment she got from the idiot who owned her or the risk of being killed at the shelter because her breed is extremely misunderstood. In either case, this was about to change.

I watched her, and gave her some space, something very important to do with dogs in shelters. Too many people jump right out at the dogs and want to play with them or dominate them. Dogs who have been in a confined space under these extreme conditions need a minute to breathe, get their bearings and come around. I approached her slowly and looked for all the concerns that Sean had, such as the potential aggression to another dog, aggression to small children as well as health issues. I found Brittney to be a dream…. a dream for anyone.

Yesterday I received a call from the proud new dad of Brittney. All seems well, just like I thought it would.