Update on Dogs Scheduled to be Killed – from Robert Cabral

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First off, thank to those of you who already opened your hearts and wallets to donate to saving these dogs. Here’s the update:

The team at Bound Angles have been in negotiations with Torrance City Attorney to give us a couple more days extension on the dogs we are trying to rescue. This morning I visited the Carson shelter and met all 5 dogs, Scotty (5) and April (3) and the 3 boys Mickey, Chapito and Cowboy (all 2 years old). The shelter is one of THE MOST DEPRESSING places I have EVERY visited. I don’t believe murderers should be treated this badly, let alone all these dogs that are discarded.

The dogs are a mom and dad and their three boys. They are shepherd / husky mixes– and probably something else. They are all 5 in separate kennels next to each other and across from each another. They are going crazy, as they have always been together, but yet are kept apart by concrete and steel.. ABSOLUTELY CRUEL!!

I’m attaching a flyer to give you a little more info. The owner of the dog is personally “challenged” and is about to have a breakdown thinking his dogs will be killed. One was involved in a biting, but all five are being held. I have an agreement in place with the city attorney that they will be released to BOUND ANGELS to be transported to SMILING DOG FARMS sanctuary in Texas. We have raised about $700 so far, which is a GREAT START. We need to raise $2600 by the weekend. Any amount you can give is appreciated. I have promised my 100 % dedication to this. I have personally dedicated more than 20 hours to this since Sunday night. WE WILL SAVE THEM.

Can I count on you for your help?

BOUND ANGELS has no salaries or administrative costs. Everything you donate goes toward animal rescue.

You can donate via paypal by visiting www.boundnagels.org and clicking on the donate button or using [email protected] in your paypal account. You can also mail a check payable to BOUND ANGELS to :

26500 Agoura Road #102-346
Calabasas, CA. 91302

Thank you for reading. If you are having a tough time, please donate a prayer and some positive energy our way to help our mission… it is greatly appreciated.

Robert Cabral

“giving a voice to animals”