A Visit from an Old Friend

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It had been almost a year since I adopted Zeus to Joey, Tim and Lori and even though I’ve had regular contact with them, I still missed seeing him. Lori and I arranged to meet last Sunday. She had some questions regarding Zeus’ training and thought a visit would do him good. If you forgot Zeus’ situation, he was the dog that lived at the LA City shelter for more than 5 months and was pretty un-adoptable because of his “issue” with other dogs.

Shannon from ARME and I went down and I pulled him out thinking it would be a no brainer to get him a home. Shannon said to me, “You know, I think its really cool that you would rescue an un-adoptable dog like Zeus.” My jaw hit the floor as I thought, UN-adoptable. Her comment was right, he is big, shepherd looking and dog aggressive. Who would want a dog like that? Well, Iw as committed. After boarding him for 3 weeks and investing 2 hours a day EVERYDAY in training, I was able to turn this guy around and make him the perfect pet. When Lori and Tim called, I drove down to meet them and they were PERFECT. It was love at first sight and their son, Joey totally bonded with Zeus and vis a vis. All my efforts were worth it.

Last Sunday when I saw Zeus for the first time in a year, it had seemed as though he never left. He is just as beautiful as I remember and just as perfect. His family has been taking great care of him and being the perfect family. He has a beautiful life. He was just slipping on some things and needed a little refresher… which I gave him 🙂 Lori and I chatted a while and then they were off. I got a call from her yesterday and she commented how much good it had done Zeus to visit. It was my pleasure… Zeus is blessed with a great family, and I too am blessed having Zeus and his family as friends.

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