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There are those people in life, as in rescue that I could care less about, then there are those I could not live without… Let me tell you about 2 women that are beyond amazing, Kathy and Dawn from Merlin’s Hope in Canada. Not only do they have an immense compassion for the dogs they save, but they are also more dog savvy than anyone I’ve met in rescue. THEY GET IT!!!

This weekend they are having their big fundraiser, and just like them… its done right. A big polo match to raise money for them and other rescues. I can not say enough good things about them, and I ask you to support their event, as you would support it if it were a Bound Angels Event. Bound Angels is a proud supporter of the event and I only wish I could be there this year. I am planning on making it next year. For more info on the event, you can visit either of the two links below:

Tell them that I sent you and give them a bog hug for me… These two ladies ROCK!!!

Best regards,

Robert Cabral
“giving a voice to animals”