Adopt Ozzie…. the Prince of Barn-ness

Bound Angels Blog

Ozzie was dropped off at the shelter in a shopping cart. For the first two days he was in a state of shock and merely laid on the floor of his cell. I took him out and slowly he got up and licked my hand. A few days later I got a call that he was die to be killed. I went to the shelter and did an evaluation and found him to have no behavioral issues and no signs of aggression at any time during my test. He is still scared and needs to learn to trust.

He’s a beautiful brindle colored shar pei, about 50lbs, approx 4 years old. He appears healthy and low key. Watch the video and you’ll see him “in action.”

If you have any questions, contact me or go directly to the North Central LA Animal Shelter at :
3201 Lacy Street, Los Angeles, CA 90031
888-4LAPET1 or 888-452-7381, FAX 213-847-0555

Step up for Ozzie…. his time is very limited.