Why Do We Call Them “Shelters?”

Bound Angels Blog

When children are taken out of abusive homes they are put in “foster care.” When criminals are taken out of society they are put in prisons. No matter how crowded these systems get or how sick the humans get within these systems, they are never killed. Which leads me to question the integrity with which we treat animals. Of course we have to start out with the understanding that we, as humans, as the superior beings, and of course white humans are the superior race, and that Americans are the greatest of all. What a load of bull. Who is to say, who is better? What gives humans the right to claim this place in society? I guess the same thing that gives those who oppress others the right to oppress, conquer and kill. If we can open our hearts and minds for just a short period of time to let some light and understanding in, we might just see the world for what it is. There is and always well be conflict. There always will be those who revel in this conflict and those who would like to see the world be at peace. When we can be compassionate to those of different colors, beliefs, ideals, nationalities and other animals, the world might just be a better place. Are we really the superior species.. I think not. As long as we can act as we act with little compassion to one another, and even less regard to animals, we have little hope. A book I read comes to mind which shed light on this. The book is Ishmael. Its a wonderful insight to the human ideal.

Today an email came across my desk about a Labrador that was surrendered to a local shelter here in CA. The reason the owner gave was that the dog was aggressive. The dog lasted but a few days at the shelter before the staff murdered him. The reason, lack of room. UNREAL. There is no system of checks and balances that confirms this and shelters are often playing GOD, deciding who should live and who should die. There were plenty of rescue groups that never had the chance to check in on this guy. He was surrendered by someone he built his life around. Dropped off and murdered, in cold blood. NO, its not putting to sleep, euthanasia or any sweet term like that… it is murder. I ca assure you that there was no qualified tests done, no attempt to rehab or no attempt to place the dog. He was simply killed. Add his soul to the 5,000,000 that will be killed this year. Please note, they will not die in the shelters, they will be killed.

The excuse we hear all so often is that the shelters are overcrowded and that we face a pet overpopulation problem. I fail to see that we have pet overpopulation. We have less pets than people, and many people own more than one pet. Pet stores are selling dogs every day, as are breeders. I’m confused where the “overpopulation” comes in. What we have is too many unwanted animals in shelters. Part of that comes from the fact that no one wants to go to the shelters to adopt an animal. Wonder why?!! Maybe because many of them are filthy, depressing hell holes staffed by people who are not available when someone has a question or is interested in an animal. I can give several examples. As a contrast, there is a shelter that I’ve visited here in Downtown LA which is clean and most of the people who work there like their jobs, the lady in charge is kind and courteous and there is almost always someone available. This, however, is a rare find. Others I’ve visited have the omnipresent stench of death once you walk in the building. Wonder why mom and dad don’t wanna take little Susie there?

We need a shelter system that is geared toward “Sheltering Animals” NOT killing them. As long as the option to kill animals is there, shelters will take that option, because it is easy. Don’t be fooled by the hype that it is a very difficult job. I do not feel there is an incredible level of remorse by those killing the animals, and if there is, it must be short lived.

The labrador that was murdered in Lancaster on June 11, 2008 early in the morning, before the shelter even opened is a distant memory today. His body will be thrown in the landfill with many others. His owner is probably on to other things and will probably get a nice “New” puppy in the future. People are iresponsible with their animals and our animal care system is not “caring” for the animals that are placed into its custody. If this was the child care system or prison system it would be an outrage. FIVE MILLION animals will be killed this year. Its time to wake up and demand a change.

Contact your legislators, vote for those who support a NO KILL system, and pressure those who are in office to do the same. We demand rights for all people, lets demand the same for the animals who can not speak for themselves.