When Those Who Are Supposed Save – Cause Death

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This is a topic that could span many posts, as most of the dogs and cats that die today, do so at the hands of those we entrust to save and protect them. For the most part I would point the finger at the failing “shelter system.” However, since entering into the rescue community I’ve also found that many others are guilty of this crime and should be shamed.

Each person who stands in the way of a rescue, spreads gossip, or wastes the time of those working to save lives is also guilty of murder. For the more than 5 Million shelter animals that die each and every year this point needs to be made. I abhor those who mistreat animals in any way.. and I do mean in any way. My position on animals may be different than many, and I am not going to debate that, but I know my way is best, since I see animals, those with 2 legs and with 4, those clothed in skin and those clothed in feathers and fur have rights. No one deserves less and no one more.

BOUND ANGELS is not about hands on rescue but about public awareness and motivating and mobilizing people to make a difference and build a NO-KILL society, one person at a time. And, because of this, I am motivated to write this entry. I’ve saved plenty of animals myself by diong hands on rescue, often times when others ran from the rescues I took on. I know how it works, and I also know how it “Doesn’t Work.” And, how it doesn’t work is the way its “NOT WORKING” now.

That way is a bunch of people emailing in a small circle and as soon as something is about to happen that would lead to a positive result, someone starts bashing the other. There are a few in the rescue circle who make it bad for many others. Some are confused, some are inexperienced and some are down right evil. We know who these “evil” people are. These are the people who stand in the way and bash the people who are trying to get the job done. Let me get this straight, EVERY animal is precious and deserves to live. There are no breeds that are bad and there are no situations in which any animal should die because of our failing system, however, that is exactly what happens. The animals so often suffer for human EGO. While those who sabotage and say that this rescue is bad and this sanctuary is bad, the animals die and never had the choice.

I’ve asked this question to some of these people: “If given the choice, would you prefer to live in less than perfect conditions, or die at the end of a needle?” No matter what their answer, I believe the animal should be given the choice. Many animals live with homeless people and are quite happy. But I don’t believe any animal would be happy to know it is going to be murdered because “we humans” thought it was “more humane.” THERE IS NOTHING HUMANE IN MURDERING A HEALTHY ANIMAL… and lets get it straight, it is murder, not euthanasia or putting to sleep. Its MURDER.

Today an email came across my desk slamming A Passion for Paws Rescue. I’ll go on record here and say that I do know know Cheryl nor the rescue, but it seems to me that many of the people who are writing emails about this situation don’t either. And many, if not all of these “slammers” are the ones who have slammed others, over and over again. Here’s my point, people who are rescuing animals are overwhelmed and underfunded. There are thousands of animals killed every day because there is no one to take them. If someone does take them and something goes wrong, everyone jumps on the bandwagon saying, ABANDON THIS PERSON. How unbelievable!! Like rats from a sinking ship, and we wonder why millions die.

It is so easy to point the finger and say DO NOT HELP this person…. Take their animals away from them, and….. well, what should we do with them? How about we put them into the shelter. Thats a good idea, put them into the shelter so they can be murdered there. Animals deserve to live in a clean, healthy environment. I do not know the conditions of anyones home or the rescue of which we speak, but I DO know the conditions in the shelter -THEY SUCK. And, worse yet, as if living in the filth and abuse of our government run shelter system isn’t bad enough, you don’t know when, but you’re gonna die. Animals who go into the “shelter” are watching the salt run through the hour glass. A human who commits murder has a better chance of getting out of jail then a stray dog has of getting out of the shelter.

From what I gathered from these emails, this woman placed some animals in a foster and the condition of the foster was terrible, and for that she now can not pull animals from the shelter system. Which means, they DIE in the shelter. The person guilty of wrongdoing is the person doing the doing… that is the person who has the animals. Are we such a society of hypocrites that we point the finger at the person who sold the gun and not at the person pulling the trigger?

I get hundreds of emails a day filled with pictures of animals that I know will die because I deleted the email…. and a little part of me dies with each of them.

It was not my goal when I decided to enter into animal rights to make friends, but to say what is right. To say what I would want someone to say if I was an animal suffering at the hands of human ignorance. Someone needs to take a stance for the animals, and that person is me.. Here’s the bottom line:

1. if you don’t have something to say thats gonna help -Stop Talking
2. if you can help someone, help them, if not, Get Out of the Way
3. if someone who is trying to save a life is down, don’t kick them, help them, if nothing else, Step OVER them and pick up the pieces.
4. if you send emails slamming someone, back it up with fact, NOT “reliable sources.” You are a witness – not a reporter.
5. if you can do it better, get busy doing it, not emailing and slamming others. There are plenty of animals to save. However, I’ve never seen an email that says, the conditions at this and this place are not good, I will take the animals to live with me… NEVER have I seen that email.

To those of you, and you know who you are, who are sabotaging the efforts of the many who are doing their best…. The blood of every animal that dies, because of your deceit is upon your hands.

If you would like to work on building a No-Kill Society, I am available to talk at any time..

Robert Cabral
Founder / Director