Today I Had to Kill Your Dog!

Bound Angels Blog

Today I had to kill your dog.

Several years ago you got a puppy because you thought he was cute, because he fit (for the time being) into your life.  It was the cool thing to do.  You thought all the stuff he did was cute.  He’s a puppy!

• When he would growl at people you encouraged him, because he was a puppy.

• When he chewed your clothes, you thought it was cute, because he was a puppy.

• When he would bite, you egged him on, because he was a puppy, and puppies are cute.

• When he became protective over his toys or food, you encouraged his behavior and pretended to be afraid.  You let him do as he wanted.

Well, as this puppy grew older, all of his habits that you encouraged or overlooked –because he was a puppy, became annoying – some became scary to others.

He started growling at kids, so you had to put him away when kids where around.  But you never taught him any better, how was he to know.

He would growl at other dogs, so you kept him away from other dogs and always had to fear if he would bite someone’s dog.

But you never taught him manners and how to act around other dogs.

He started chewing up shoes and everything around, and when you tried to get him to stop, he growled at you and anyone else who tried to stop him.

But you never taught him any better, so how was he to know?

When he was a puppy, his puppy ways of growling at guests was cute, but now that he tries to bite, it’s a little scary.

But you never taught him any different, so how was he to know?

When he wouldn’t listen, you never enforced anything, because he was a puppy.

Today he has no manners, and your too busy to train him.

When he was a puppy, his bites were cute and you could get away from him.

Today he’s considered dangerous.

The puppy that was cute yesterday has grown into an uncontrollable, scary dog today.  So, like a coward you dropped him off at the shelter.  Because you have no backbone and never gave him a chance, because you never gave him the leadership, the role model, the training he needed, today he is a lost soul and has no idea what he did wrong.

The truth is, he did nothing wrong –  but you did.  He did what dogs do, and you did what irresponsible, selfish, self righteous, stupid people do – NOTHING.

No one can handle him, he’s confused and all he knows is what he learned from you.  These “lifesaving” skills you put upon him will cost him his life.  YOU, the selfish jerk you are have fucked up an innocent life, and it’s all ok because there is a place called a shelter that will take over.  They will make it all ok.  In this non-blaming, everything is ok society, I’m here to tell you the truth…  it’s not OK!  You just move on and go about your destructive, selfish life.  Nothing bothers you, nothing gets in your way.  By the time you get half way home your dog will be dead in a barrel with all of the other discarded animals that your selfish “brothers” have ruined, because today I had to kill your dog.