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Instead of backtracking, which I might do in the future, let me tell you about my current rescue.  She is a young lady named May, a 2 year old Chinese Shar Pei.  I met her at the local animal shelter.  I don’t need to say which one, as I will try to curb my tongue, at least this week.  May was redlisted (which means the animal has less than 7 days to live), because of aggression.  I’ve seen this before, so I asked if I could re-evaluate her.  She was a bit shy and skittish when the worker pulled her out of her 4 foot x 8 foot kennel.  Once she was out, I took the lead and walked her to the “Get Acquainted Yard.”  A place where the dog and person can interact.  This interaction is greatly disturbed in our shelters because of the fear energy and barking that is going on all around.  However, I did proceed with my evaluation.  She ran around a bit, then came up to me.  Within 5 minutes I was rubbing her head, grabbing her legs and playing with her with no signs of aggression WHATSOEVER…

In either case, we were able to re-list her on the GreenList.  Which clears the animal from being killed…. kind of.  She was fine, and  began to network her to people via email for possible adoption.  I went in to visit her a few times, all seemed well.
On Friday April 4th 2008 I got an email that May would be killed on Sunday April 6th.  I had one day.  The reason for her murder??  Overcrowding I was told.  I’ll get into overcrowding at some future point, however, it was due to something else.  Lets stay with this part right now, which is May.  I immediately contacted my friend Melanie and asked if she would help me get May out.  She did and I sprung May.
I picked her up form the vets where she was spayed.  To see her little tail wagging as she ran toward me brought a warmth to my heart that only a parent could feel when their child accomplishes something great…  For May that accomplishment was LIFE.  She made it out alive (unlike the MILLIONS who don’t).  She immediately started licking me and her tail was going wild.  VERY AGGRESSIVE.  I put her in the backseat of my car and we drove off.
Her underlying aggression could not be hidden for too long however.  Within minutes she jumped up on the center console and began an immediate assault on the side of my face – WITH HER TONGUE.  May is the Happy Sharpei I have met — possibly ever.
I have raised donations to cover her boarding for the better part of 10 days, and I’m optimistic that I will find a loving human that would deserve this much love, not sure if one exists.  I will keep you posted on May.  She loves walks, loves to ride in the car, gets on well with other dogs and has the fiercest tongue you could imagine….
If you’d like to donate towards May, or toward the cause of Animal Rescue, please visit:
Thanks for reading and caring.