jumping in with Both Feet

Bound Angels Blog

Well, after an “illustrious” life that has spanned many careers from Bodyguard to Artist, I’ve found myself here in Animal Rescue….  and I could not be any happier.  I’ve done many things that people would be proud of, but none bring the warmth to my heart that I feel when I look into the eyes of an animal that has been spared because of my efforts.  That being said, it isn’t only about me, it takes many people to make rescues happen.  Many of these people have become my friends, and I am proud to know them.  Even though I’ve met very few of them, we have this network via email and phone that bonds us together as we fight for the common battle which is to save these creatures that our society disposes.  

In this blog I will try to detail what’s on my mind, what’s going on in the rescue circles, what can be done to improve the lives of these animals and probably a whole bunch more…  basically whatever is going through my mind at that given point, which could be just about anything.  So sit back, and get ready for a fun ride as you enter into my mind and my crazy life…