Smiling Sasha – SAVED – now Loving LOLA

Bound Angels Blog

With so much crap going on, here’s a little story to warm your heart.  I received and email, among the hundreds I receive every day.  This one was different.  A little Sharpei / German Shepherd mix stuck down at the South Central Pound.  I’ve dealt with them on a few occasions and always like to go see Tomika, a very nice lady who runs the show there.  The email I received said that Sasha would be killed on Monday, that’s a problem, as I got the email on a Saturday.  The shelter is closed Mondays.  I got someone on the phone and put a hold on Sasha.  The key thing here is to spell it out and be CLEAR, and get a name.  I did.  Sasha would be safe. 

I went to work. Who would be the perfect home for her?  I remember having met Mike through business contacts.  He struck me as a very caring man, very fair in business and a gentleman.  I mailed the pics to him.  He told me he would run it by his fiancee.  They both were excited to meet Sasha.  I went to South Central LA and sprung her.  I did have a chance to spend some time with her and it was a pleasure.  She is so funny.  She has a PERMA-grin.  Just the sweetest girl.  I was forced to ask myself the question I ask so many times: How can such beautiful animals be killed day in and day out in our country?  Huge barrels filled with the carcasses of loving, beautiful pets.  It just makes me sick.

Sasha’s fate took a turn as Mike and Priscila loved her.  They have a beautiful home and welcomed her with open arms.  Priscila loved Sasha (immediately renaming her to LOLA), and Lola loved Mike.  In fact the very next day he took her to work with him.  Lola won over everyone at the office, Mike is very proud.
Thats a happy ending!  Thanks to Mike and Priscila, and congratulations to LOLA!