Oh-Sooo Sweet

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OSO was scheduled to be killed in the local shelter because of aggression.  One of my favorite things to work with and rescue are dogs that are labelled aggressive.  Almost every dog I’ve pulled was labelled aggressive.  In fact if you check my philosophy on aggressive dogs at www.blackbeltdogtraining.com you will get a better scope of me.  Oso was scared to death, a big baby.  With a team effort of Bound Angels, ResQPet and Earth Angels OSO was saved.  He received his eye surgery for entropion courtesy of ResQPet and he is now under Susan’s care and learning to love and trust again.  Soon he will be ready for a wonderful forever home, but for now, OSO is safe.  If you’re interested in adopting OSO, contact [email protected] or Susan at [email protected]

Dogs are so often mislabeled in shelters and are shunned for adoption because of a poor evaluation.  This is very very poor service to animals.  The stress that an animal faces causes varied behavior in strange environment such as shelters.  Often the people evaluating the dogs are quacks with no idea of dog behavior.  They churn through the job and condemn many good dogs to death.  A fair evaluation of a dog is nearly impossible in an environment like a shelter.