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Saving Lives Through Education

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Of all the ways to save more dogs in shelters, we’ve dedicated our mission to education.

As many of you know, Bound Angels’ core mission is saving shelter dogs through education, but just what does that mean?

There are many pieces needed in order to help all of the dogs in shelters.  There are rescuers who pull dogs, fosters, spay neuter campaigns, adoption events, photography and so much more.  Education is often overlooked.  In order to get dogs out of the shelter and keep them out we need two things, one is a basic understanding of the dog that is in the shelter and two, to educate the new adopters to prevent the dog from being discarded once again.

Our adoption handout, Bringing Home Your New Dog is one of the best received tools in shelters nationwide.  We provide these handouts free of charge to municipal shelters, spca’s, humane societies and animal control agencies nationwide.  We have dispensed tens of thousands and we will continue to make them available thanks to friends like you.  donate button

Your gift allows us to print and ship these handouts to shelters every week.  A special thanks goes out to our monthly partners who give regularly and make our much needed resources available to us without the arduous chore of fundraising.  Your gift gives hope to dogs that might otherwise be misunderstood if it weren’t for the educational tools we provide to shelters and adopters.

Please spread the word to shelters in your area that we make these resources available in order to save more lives.  And please donate so that we can continue to make them available.

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