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For Immediate Release  12/9/2015

Brenda F. Barnette, General Manager


Bound Angels University

to be hosted at Los Angeles Animal Services

Los Angeles Animal Services is pleased to announce a unique and significant partnership that has been developed with Robert Cabral and Bound Angels University (
Under the guidance of Robert Cabral, Bound Angels University has partnered with Los Angeles Animal Services to train shelter employees, both locally and nationally, in dog-handling skills for shelter dogs.This unique program offers shelter employees in-class and hands-on training sessions for these extraordinary rescue animals.
The comprehensive program made available through Bound Angels will provide shelter employees with the necessary skills needed to identify behavioral problems, and the proper techniques to correct them. Providing shelters with a skill set of proven behavioral methods will increase adoption rates and save the lives of more dogs, particularly those at higher risk.
In cooperation with Los Angeles Animal Services, Bound Angels University will conduct classes at one of six LA City Animal Shelters for dog handlers working in shelters, humane societies, and SPCA’s nationwide.  The program is offered to shelter employees free of charge, and will cover various aspects of canine behavior such as training, handling, playgroups, and more.Additionally, Bound Angels maintains an online video training library that is available at no cost to all shelter employees and rescues.

Brenda Barnette, General Manager of Los Angeles Animal Services, stated, “I have worked with Robert and watched him transform shelter dogs for over five years.  I am pleased that we can join his efforts and collaborate to give shelters everywhere an opportunity to learn more about dogs and Robert’s life saving techniques.”


Robert with GoofyMost known for his extensive work with local and national animal shelters,
Robert Cabral is committed to increasing the  adoption  rate  of  shelter
dogs,  particularly  those  at greatest  risk  for  being  killed.  He  has  had
remarkable success with shelter dogs demonstrating at risk behaviors
and personalities such as:  dominant breeds, fearful dogs, behaviorally
challenged,   and   misunderstood   breeds.  The  programs offered  by
Bound  Angels  University have proven to increase the adoption rate and
lower the kill rate of shelter dogs.


Through  Bound Angels, Robert  has developed and implemented many
life-saving programs at shelters nationwide in addition to the extraordinary
support and training he provides to  Los  Angeles  Animal Services.   He
is the author of   two books correlating canine behavior and animal rescue
that are used in  shelters and rescues nationally to save  the lives  of
more dogs.   Robert also trains competitive, obedience, and protection  dogs,
as well as  family pets.