…it ain’t me (babe).

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This post is directed as much at my friends as well as those people that my “friends” occasionally refer to me.  These people are those who “have” to get rid of their dog(s) for a plethora of reasons including; they’re moving, their dog is aggressive toward other dogs, their dog doesn’t like their new partner, etc.

I am not the guy to call for assistance in placing your long loving friend, nor am I the person to call for compassion when you have to make this decision.  SORRY…  it ain’t me!

I am the guy to call if you want to hear the truth: that you are failing miserably as a human being and as a custodian of a creature that looks solely to you as its sole life support…  a creature that will more than likely die (or I should say be killed) without your help, or with your decision to put him in a “shelter.”

I have yet to find the city, state or community that has a ban on dogs.  Yes, there are some apartments that don’t allow dogs over 30lbs, but there are also apartments that don’t allow kids….  are the orphanages overflowing with children that are dumped because people are moving?  Even if they are, they’re not killing kids for lack of space – trust me!

If you made a decision to get a dog, follow through.  If you don’t want your dog any more, what makes you think that someone else wants them?  Particularly your old, sick aggressive or some other issue plagued dog.  If your dog gave you all those years of love, companionship, fun and pleasure, you owe it to him to see him through.

I often meet people at the shelter with crocodile tears giving up their pet looking for my sympathy…  sorry – it ain’t meBabe!  I’ll tell you the truth.

The truth is that you’ll be at home in a few hours in your comfortable Lazy Boy chair eating pizza when your former “Best Friend” is now laying on a concrete floor behind metal bars, scared, cold, wet and totally confused.  His head is spinning while your tears are drying.  Tomorrow you’ll go on about your day and his dilemma will get worse with the frightening screams of dogs in neighboring kennels, the smell of death in the air, people who are overworked passing by him without so much of a pat on the head.  He’s f*cked.

If you think the decision to “give up” your dog is difficult for you, think about how difficult it is for him.  Think about what he might feel for those several days he will live in the hell hole you dumped him in.  Think about what might go through his mind when he’s lead down a long dark hallway on the end of a pole, then placed on a cold metal table as he’s given an injection by a person he’s never met….  as he closes his eyes for the last time pondering the love he gave you and the final gift you gave him….  ABANDONMENT!

Want some sympathy???  Sorry, it ain’t me BABE!

Robert Cabral
Bound Angels