7x the love – 1/7th the lifespan

Bound Angels Blog

I think everyone that’s ever loved a dog ponders the question, “Why do they only live such a short time?” I don’t believe there is an answer to that question, if there was it would have to be wrapped in the riddle that they live life 7x more fully than us.  In either case, we know their love knows no boundaries.

As I walk the kennels at the local shelter I’m overcome with sadness looking at those faces that don’t know why they are there.  The love in their eyes melts through steel bars and cuts into your heart like a dagger.

Valentine’s day is nothing special to a dog.  Why?  Because everyday is Valentine’s day to a dog – so full of love.  And, it’s a different kind of love.  It’s limitless, boundless, uncontainable, and undying.  I’ve seen video of people abusing dogs, inflicting the worst kind of pain, and all I see in the eyes of the dog is the question, WHY? Dogs are loyal to their deaths, and if the cruelest person could open their hearts to this love, it would turn even them into a changed person.

Those of us who have dogs understand the depth of the connection we share.  Some have yet to experience this, others never will.  I can say that of all the loves I’ve had in my life, the one that’s never let me down is the love from my dogs.  They are kind, compassionate and loyal in a way that few people every could be.  I’m not comparing the two, for that would be unfair.  What I am saying is that no matter what your place in life, it could be enhanced by a canine companion.  He will not ask much of you: some food and water, an occasional walk and a warm place to rest his head.  In exchange for that he will give you his life, his love, his soul.

Instead of all of the material gifts we could ask for this Valentine’s Day, why not give ourselves the gift of adopting a homeless pet.  Your life will change forever, your luck will change -heck, you may even meet your (human) soul-mate while out for a walk one day.  Studies have shown that being in the presence of a dog relieves stress, and it’s also very good for your health to increase your daily exercise.

Valentine’s is a great day to adopt. If you already have a dog, maybe he needs a friend today…

Robert Cabral
founder: Bound Angels