Urge Governor Brown to do the right thing.

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I’d like to share with you my letter to Governor Jerry Brown to urge him to reconsider his position on the changes to the Hayden Law.  I hope you’ll join me in pointing out the benefits of a law that saves the lives of the most innocent victims of our state’s economy, our companion pets.  This law is important for any pet owner, not just those in rescue.  The changes to this law are life threatening to anyone who may lose their pet.  Please read my previous blog post to get an idea of the proposed changes.

These proposed changes are a death sentence to tens of thousands of animals almost immediately.

Governor Jerry Brown
c/o State Capitol #1173
Sacramento, California 95814

Dear Governor Brown,

It has come to my attention that you may be considering rescinding one of the most progressive and important laws for animals- The Hayden Law, a unique bill that gives hope to the most hopeless of animals, those living in our municipal shelters.

I understand that no good act comes without cost, but California, as a state of compassionate people who care for their pets and the lives of all animals would be strongly disappointed in a man who could instantly, with the single stroke of his pen, cause the death of thousands of innocent lives.  The pen is mightier than the sword, and I urge you to consider this before you sign.  This move on your behalf could leave your term in office tainted by the lives of innocent pets (in the hundreds of thousands) and the humans that care for them.  Your position and decision is a powerful one, and I encourage you to choose compassion for our states’ pets, that like your pal Sutter need us to speak for them.  It truly is not just about shelter pets, but also about all pets that are protected by this bill.

There can be no greater act of compassion than the one we do for a creature, be it human or animal, that cannot repay us for that act.  Yes, we do face rather tough economic times in our state and the world as a whole, but this is not the time, nor is California the state, to cast aside the most hopeless of our inhabitants for fiscal measures.  Almost every pet living in our shelters today once lived in a home and was loved by someone.  For reasons beyond their control, they have been cast aside and entrusted into the care of our shelter system.  What would it say of us if our answer were simply – NO, we don’t care?  They may have no voice, but we do and we must consider that and stand up for them.

Bound Angels is a unique non-profit organization that works with municipal and private shelters throughout the US developing progressive training and adoption programs that save the lives of countless shelter pets.  We have reached thousands of followers through our training as well as facebook, twitter, blogs, and email campaigns.  I can assure you that everyone I know shares the view that I am expressing to you in this letter.

I would be happy to discuss the dismal situation of many of our shelters and the steps that we, as a compassionate society can take to make great change.  Rescinding the Hayden Law is a bad idea, no matter how great the financial offset may be, what would be saved in dollars would be lost in compassion.


Robert Cabral

Bound Angels – Founder / Executive Director

click here to see my previous blog highlighting the proposed changes.

thank you for taking the time to help those who have no voice.

Robert Cabral