Update on Blind Stevie Wonder – cocker spaniel

Bound Angels Blog

Stevie was in the shelter for over 2 months when I found him sitting there all alone in a dark cell. A sign over his kennel read “Keep Alone – Blind Dog.” It broke my heart and I knew I had to save him. I made a video which you can view by clicking here:

He was rescued by a great organization and now lives a life filled with love. Join The Revolution and help us save more… Here is an update from STEVIE-

I love my new life so much Auntie Tracey, thank you for helping save me from the bad place. Now I get to have lots of nice naps in the sun if I want, or if I don’t want the sun, I just go back in my big bedroom and lay down on one of the nice fluffy beds Mommy Carolyn has for me.

I get lots of good food and hopefully will put on a little weight soon. All the other doggies are very nice to me, and I think there are even some here who can’t see….just like me, but we do real good getting around. I have lots of room to roam and explore and I think it’s just wonderful.

And, oh yeah….I get tons of love and pets and hugs and kisses every day. I really like that:-)