To The Critics

Bound Angels Blog

This is written to those who stand by and criticize those doing the work.  To those that scoff and moan how much better things could be done.  Those that point fault at the actions of others and contribute nothing in the process.


Critics exist in all areas, but here I would like to address those in my own backyard.  The people that criticize rescues doing the hard work of rescue.  People that have given their last drop of sweat trying to save animals at risk.  To the critics of these people I say SHAME ON YOU.  The person who is overwhelmed with work, bills and heartache trying to save “just one more” doesn’t need to be criticized by someone on the outside complaining of the way the job is being done.  To the critics of the shelter that is overrun with intakes and not enough room, the employees who try to figure out a way to save a dog for one more day in hopes of the perfect human may be showing up…  these people don’t need the outside critics showing up to protest that this shelter is forced to kill pets in order to make room for the 25 that are lined up at the front door, they need help – not critics!


It is the critics that lend nothing but hot-air to the problem.  They complain and criticize a job they have never done – a job they could never do!  They feel they can do better, but yet they never “do.”  I have seen people criticize others to the point that these people quit and fail.  The people that protest the person who has too many animals in their rescue, yet they don’t offer to take one out.  The critics that lay blame at the poor conditions that animals live in at a rescue / shelter, yet these critics don’t step up to volunteer or donate to make it better.  To all of these people I say, Shame on You!

I’ve had my share of critics albeit very few.  These people have often hid behind fake names or aliases and never come to my face so that I can show them for whom they are.  These critics feel that my way of handling shelter dogs is not in line with their ideals.  Bearing in mind that almost all of my training at shelters involves motivational and positive training, these people criticize that I don’t want volunteers “baby talking” to dogs or allowing dogs to lick their faces or picking up dogs.  WHY?  Because these actions oftentimes put dogs in positions to fail.  When a dog is licking your face and then nips, it’s a BIG RED STRIKE.  If you pick up a dog and it bites because it gets spooked, it’s a BIG RED STRIKE.  My position is to save as many dogs as possible including those with behavioral problems.  I’ve never said NO to a dog no matter what the dog’s issues.  Any shelter that I’ve worked at can attest that I will work with any dog, regardless of temperament or reputation.  Most every one of these dogs have been saved because of my work and most importantly because of my steadfast commitment to the dogs and my disregard for the critics.  I run a tight ship and those that have trained with me know why.  I have base guidelines on how to interact with the dogs, what to wear, what to do and what not to do.  These guidelines are for one reason… TO SAVE LIVES.  And very importantly, to save the lives that are at the greatest risk in our shelters.


So for all of you who have been criticized by those that stand by and throw out words and never any help, I commend you and stand with you.   You are making the difference; you are saving the lives that others discard.  You are taking the time to give of your blood, sweat and tears to make the world a better place for those that can’t help themselves.  Saving lives depends on hard work and dedication and the clock ticks fast!  We don’t have time to try and combat the negatives of the bystanders, any detraction from our work costs lives.


So, if you’ve been criticized, take a minute now and pat yourself on the back for the lives you’ve saved – that’s something that critics fortunately are unable to do!


Robert Cabral