The Revolution Has Begun

Bound Angels Blog

I received an email the other day and it floored me, I wanted to share it with you. I met Dennis through my good friend Kim a few months ago. He runs a pet store in Camarillo and his passion is saving dogs. He is a one of a kind guy and a real stand up person. He told me that he really loved the concept of Bound Angels, and had created a media center in his store that shows Bound Angels videos all day long. The center is beautifully created and a joy to visit. Everyone who walks into All Pet Headquarters in Camarillo can see the videos playing, learn about adopting shelter dogs, and NOW… adopt a shelter dog right there.

Dennis has dedicated an entire area of his store to puppies from kill-shelters that can be adopted from him instead of buying one. My hat is off to Dennis. The photo above is the marquee over the area where the puppies are house. He concept was a Knight riding in and freeing a dog and bringing him to a forever home. Here’s a quick quote from the email which made my day:

“Robert, I truly like your work and think you do a great job with the videos and also believe the revolution has begun. A tribute to your work……Dennis”