The Hayden Law at Risk…

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Many of you who read this post may not life in California where this law is in effect, but I urge you to read on anyway.

The Hayden Law SB 1785, written in 1998 by Tom Hayden is one of the most progressive laws for shelter pets anywhere.  It came into effect in July 1999.  It requires shelters to hold pets for a specified period of time (4-6 days), it gives rights to these pets as well as rescue organizations and makes saving lives a little less daunting.  The law has undoubtedly saved hundreds of thousands of lives and is as (if not more) important today than it was when it was first put into place.  The initial goal of the bill was to end euthanasia as a way of population control by 2010.  Well, 2010 has passed and we may have reduced killings, but we are nowhere near no-kill.  Repealing this bill will be a stifling blow to pets in California.

California Governor Jerry Brown is considering repealing the law (or modifying it as they are saying).  He is not the first person who has considered less than favorable decisions for shelter pets, but he is the one doing it now – therefore the reason for this post.  As a person who works with shelters, rescue organizations and the pets that are condemned in our shelters I can tell you that this is one (if not THE) most important law when it comes to saving shelter pets in California.  I have used the code in this law to save many dogs that I could not have saved were it not for this law.

It’s important to consider when looking at this, it’s not just shelter pets that are at risk, but all pets.  In the event any pet ends up in the shelter, they will be at risk.  If your dog or cat ends up lost or impounded – even at no fault of your own, their lives will be at imminent risk.  So I encourage you to take the time to watch this video by clicking here.

Then, please contact  Governor Jerry Brown, by clicking here.  You can call, email or send a letter.  It doesn’t matter what you do, but do something.  Also, there is a petition set up that you may consider signing as well.  Here is the link to the petition.

I thank you for your time and the animals that we save thank you.

Robert Cabral