spreading the message

Bound Angels Blog

The last several years have been such a great experience for me.  All of the people I’ve met and worked with to save more and more animals really fuel my fire to take Bound Angels to the next level.  I’ve seen the videos from the Bound Angels Shelter Angel Video program place dogs into loving homes, and these were dogs that had lingered in the shelter so long beyond their time.  I’ve seen the temperament tests I’ve developed save dogs that were failed by other tests, and these dogs, as well, were placed into loving homes.  I’ve seen the kill numbers plummet at shelters that have taken a new look at saving animals’ lives and caring about the animals… and these are the things that keep me going.

However, it’s time to take this message further and further.  I see organizations grow with the help of volunteers and people who believe in their cause, yet I feel a little paralyzed.  I’m reaching out to you, anyone who is willing to help.  I’d like to get more and more people to download the Selling Used Dogs book.  I’d like to see more people start doing the videos that save so many lives, I’d like to see fair temperament tests employed at shelters so that people would know a good pet when they see one and the pets that need help could get the help they deserve…  but all of this can only come with your help.  Bound Angels has a very small budget at this point, but we have a lot to bank on, our success rates are monumental.  If you know someone who wants to join us, or if you’re interested, please let me know.

People who can contact shelters and rescue organizations on our behalf, set up training and meetings, spread our message and get people involved.  We need people to hear our message and put our methods into place.  This work will undoubtedly save thousands of lives.  Are you on board?