Shelter Rescue Continues to Grow

Bound Angels Blog

I was talking with a  friend of mine  yesterday and said, “Man, this Shelter Training has really taken off, and it has.  What started off as me helping a few people here and there has turned into shelters from around the US asking me to come and give lectures and training.  The demand is getting higher and higher.  I remember when a woman told me some 7 years ago, “If I could do what you do, I’d be doing it all the time.”  Well, it seems that there are a lot of people who want to learn how to save more dogs.  Everyone from kennel attendants, volunteers, dog walkers, rescuers and other trainers and behaviorist are joining the revolution.

This work is exciting and fulfilling and I can’t tell you how much I love every workshop I give and every dog I work with.  Even the challenging dogs, I should say especially the challenging dogs make this work so rewarding.  The most rewarding part is seeing the change in the dogs and the gratitude from the people who love them.  Yes, I train dogs in my personal business and live with a competition dog, but helping those that can’t afford it, those that are forgotten and those that need it most, but often don’t get it – That’s the best part!

I think the best development that we’ve rolled out through Bound Angels is the online training channel at or

These resources make all of our work available to shelters nationwide and beyond.  I receive emails all the time from people I’ve never met or know, thanking me for helping them to save more lives.  I can only hope that our videos will reach more people.  The stumbling block is their are rescues, shelters and behaviorists who don’t offer all that is available.  I’ve had this battle for years with people who feel there is only one right way to do things and that way is their way.  This is both shallow sighted and dangerous to the dogs.  Dogs are unique individuals and approaching them with only one method is like trying to cure every ailment with one prescription.  As I continue to do our work with all of your support, I ask you to help spread the word and help more dogs.

Getting our videos, lectures, training, books, brochures and information out there will SAVE MORE LIVES.  Please join the revolution and give a voice to the pets that others discarded.

Thank you!