The Bound Angels Shelter Partner program is available only to select animal care shelters that provide municipal animal services in the US.

Membership to our Bound Angels Partner Shelter Program is by invitation or referral only.

We want to help shelters save more lives and in that spirit have developed the Bound Angels Partner Shelter Program.

As partner shelters we offer you:

1. The use of all of our tools online and at our workshops.
2. Promotion of your rescue efforts via our social media and website.
3. Access to our behavior training and assessment tools: written and video.
4. Copies of our adoption handouts and books.
5. Showcasing your shelter logos, names and links on our site.
6. Promotion of your adoptable animals on our social media pages our website and help to market pets for adoption.
7. Attendance at our training workshops.

As partner shelters we ask of you:

1. Your shelter, humane society must perform municipal animal services.
2. Reducing euthanasia must be a key goal of your organization.
3. Your organization must use a fair Behavior Assessment Format such as our BARC.
4. Your shelter agrees to share your monthly stats on adoptions, euthanasia or have them available publicly.
5. Partner Shelters shall display our Shelter Partner logo on their site and / or building.

To become a shelter partner, please send us an email using the contact form here and include your name, your shelter / humane societies name and some brief information about your organization and goals.